The RINSE Live episode 4 – RECAP!

The Rinse Live episode 4 streamed LIVE on Monday 23rd  June and this is what we covered:

–       Icebreaker: Harry Derbridge and boyfriend set tongues wagging when they were snapped on the beach in Marbs

Source (old article):

Now we have the female equivalent is the C STRING! (

What would it take for you to venture out in public, sporting one of these?

Is there anything?

–       Jeremy Meeks – falling for a felon…what’s your take on the story

–       (Delivered by Psycho) Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge are just 2 England players of Jamaican heritage choosing to play for England. Do you think some of these players’ native countries would do better on the world stage if players stuck to where they herald from?
Should this rule (if implemented) apply across the world?

Useful reading:

Useful reading:


–       As news that pregnant Jordan has taken cheating hubby; Kieran Haylor back, rumours are circulating claiming that she will reap her revenge once the baby is born.

With that in mind and considering the rumours surrounding Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, should it be presumed that all celebrities cheat?

Should those entering into a relationship as a celebrity or with a celebrity of some sort, expect to be cheated on or think it’s OK to cheat?

Are the monogamy rules different for celebs – if so, why?

–       We wrapped up with: Vagina steaming – heralded the new wonder cure for everything from hormomal imbalance to lifting depression…extreme but apparently it works.  If you could create a new treatment, what would it be and why?

Watch the full episode here:

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