The RINSE Live XRATED – episode 6 RECAP!

The Rinse Live XRATED – episode 6 streamed LIVE on Monday 7th July and this is what we covered:

– We had an XRATED poem written especially for us by Mr EroticNoire – check out the poem here: Taste you, just say yes!

–       Icebreaker: Rumours have circulated that Beyonce is a freak in the bed as is Gabrielle Union, Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey and more recently Paula Patton – Heidi Klum once claimed she likes to dress up and try things out of the norm….heck Superhead even wrote a book about getting freaky so in your opinion, has the tide turned?

Are women more freaky then men?

Who takes the freaky crown, men or women and are there any rules on getting freaky?

What would make you go from feelin’ it to FUUUREEEEEEEEAK!

–       Sex tapes – scandalous, strange, gross but very big business.

Whenever one hits the web, the world is concerned with who is also in the video, how long ago it was taken and all the extra gory bits.

How do we feel about celebrity and sex tapes?

Do we agree that a sex tape brings instant fame?

Is it good way to kick start a career?

Pros and cons of releasing a sex tape in your opinion

–       (Delivered by Psycho) Why do women moan that men cheat when stats show that women are likely to cheat more and are better at it!

–       In your opinion, what is more intimate and why: kissing, oral sex, intercourse.

Do you think the opposite sex would order the above differently and does your ordering ever change?

–       We wrapped up with: What’s your ultimate ‘turn on’ track and who / what song would turn you right off?

Watch the full episode here:

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