The RINSE Live, episode 7 – RECAP!

The Rinse Live– episode 7 streamed LIVE on Monday 14th July and this is what we covered:

–       Icebreaker: Wendy Williams claims that she gets why people think she was born a man

First off, do you think Wendy looks like a man and secondly how would you feel if you were accused of being born the opposite sex?


–       Speaking of Wendy, she was spotted with her surgically enhanced body out and about in Las Vegas…


How do we feel about surgically enhanced individuals!

Men do you prefer fake or real boobs?

What about fake asses (K Michelle recently admitted hers was fake, Nicki, Kim etc)

Ladies could you deal with fake pecs?

–          Lead into: Boundaries: does society have any these days?

Live sex on reality TV (BB 2014): Steven and Kimberley had sex live on TV – where are the boundaries:

Magaluf girl performs oral sex on a number of men in a bar:

CBB star Luisa Zuissman jumps to defend the girl:

What do you make of this?

Is it peer pressure, slackness, alcohol induced behaviour or all 3!

–       (Delivered by Psycho) a man has taken a selfie at a bull run and is now wanted!

Selfies were to blame for some of the riders falling in the Tour de France.
Should more steps be taken to keep spectators away from sport or is the public being within touching distance of the action a good thing?

–       Ed Sheeran tops the list of most important act in Black and urban music – how do we feel about this?
Is this a true reflection on Black & urban music today or…?

–       We wrapped up with: Former ANTM; Yaya DaCosta took on the role to play Whitney in the biopic of her life set for release on Lifetime early next year.

Check out the link to see the likeness:

Who would YOU want to play you in a biopic about you and why?

Watch the full episode here:

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