The RINSE Live, episode 9 – RECAP!

The Rinse Live– episode 9 streamed LIVE on Monday 28th July and this is what we covered:

–       Icebreaker: We broke the ice by discussing the impending release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
We spoke about how we felt about the movie and the fact that Beyonce’s track; Crazy in Love is remixed and used on the official trailer and will of course feature on the sound track.

We discussed the attack on the movie from US moral watchdog; Morality in the Media that believes the film cultivated rape culture and tells that public humiliation, degradation and torture in sex is normal. They described the central character; Christian Grey as a stalker and batterer and questioned whether parents would want their daughters to be associated with a man like Christian and / or would they be happy if their sons turned out to be like Christian.

–       We spoke about Peaches Geldof and the fact that the investigation surrounding her death seems to be focusing on finding the drug dealer that supplied her with the 61% pure heroin that tragically killed her, 

We spoke about what the message was.

We discussed the entry in Pete Doherty’s book in Peaches’ blood declaring she promises not to die!

–           After being known to exercise great care in ensuring her girls are not snapped unless they are with the President, Michelle Obama is powerless to prevent selfies taken at the Beyoncé and Jay Z concert;

Is Michelle crazy to think she could control pics in an age where every man and his dog has a smart phone of some sort?

Is our life our own anymore?
When in public do should we half expect our faces to wind up somewhere else?
When did we sign off our rights to public privacy? (If there ever was such a thing)

–       So Ciara has reportedly removed her engagement ring

Future is known for his womanising ways, was Ciara stupid for thinking that this leopard may have changed his spots or do you believe this type of male can change?

Guys, at what point do you believe a man matures enough to want to settle down?

Ladies what’s your opinion?

How do we spot cheaters/womanisers?

–       We wrapped up with: Wrap up: Madonna has released a teaser for her 13th album which features London gospel choir

As DJs is there a Madonna track that you would feel no way to spin in a packed club – if so which one?

Do you have a favourite Madonna track?
How do feel about Madonna and her aging process?
If Madonna was your mum how would you feel about her onstage antics and cavorting with toy boys?

Watch the full episode here:

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