Nando’s & KFC ‘do’ Christmas!

You just know Christmas is approaching when pubs and bars start to offer a ‘festive menu’…but what about when fast food chains try to follow suit?

Now we all know McDonald’s loves a seasonal promotion (think McRib, The American range etc etc) but since when did KFC do that ish?

Well, never…until now actually!

Nando's & KFC 'do' Christmas!

KFC have unveiled their first ever Christmas burger and it’s all you would expect from KFC but with the addition of Cranberry sauce to make it all ‘Christmassy’!

The Colonel’s Christmas burger is an Original Recipe burger complete with sage and onion stuffing mayo, cranberry sauce, cheese, lettuce and a hash brown!

Sound good?

Well you can get your festive KFC burger ooorrrn from Monday 28th November until 1st January here in the UK for £3.99 for the sandwich alone, or opt for the meal for £4.99!

To be honest with you, KFC is not my food of choice so feel free to let me know how it tastes however, I am partial to a cheeky Nando’s now and again and they have also gone all festive!

Nando’s have introduced two Christmas items to their menu; the PERI-berry burger (cute name) and the PERI orange wings!

Nando's & KFC 'do' Christmas!

The wings are pretty much self-explanatory but please, let me talk to you for a minute about the PERI-berry burger…

We are talking… a boneless thigh (which is great because I don’t do bones in chicken…pause), a breast fillet, chutney made with cranberries and some greenery all sitting perfectly in one of their delicious Portuguese bread rolls…

Nando's & KFC 'do' Christmas!

Can you hear me dribbling?

Yes Nando’s, I am sooooooooooooooooooooo down for this!

FYI The new Nando’s items will be available on the menu from Tuesday 16th November here in the UK – count me in bruv!!!


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