#MEATPRINTPAPI’in all over the world and Jadakiss is husky! | Tea & Biscuits the podcast ep. 18

Well fook me sideways, its episode 18 of Tea and Biscuits the podcast and by gum, have we let rip!

Right from the jump, we discuss Meat Print Papi aka The Game’s schlong and his sudden need to keep showing it off in Friday specific Instagram posts, plus we get into the alleged impact of steroids on the female anatomy – more specifically; Holly Holm’s clit!

Yep, you read right….

We also talk about a couple more rappers including; Tupac and the long overdue biopic as well as Mase’s conflicted lifestyle!

Kim Kardashian’s due date is up for discussion…the poor love looks ready to explode!

And of course we talk about Charlie Sheen’s recent HIV revelation!

All of the above plus soooooooo much more!

Go Get YOU SOME!!!

It’s episode 18 yaaaaaaaaarl!

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