Tea & Beezy SZN 2! | Tea and Biscuits – the podcast ep. 20

It’s been a while huh?

Like, several weeks or so but fear not, we are BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK and we are in a new home and it’s all good!

This episode (the first for 2016), Sherryl and Jan tuck straight into it…

Naturally we had to address the whole Kanye West thang and of course we tried to get in Formation for Beyoncé’s sake but it was pretty hard to do so in the studio so we spoke about it instead!

We had to salute a bunch of people including John Boyega and entrepreneur Aaron Wallace founder of Shear and Shine grooming for being amazing and doing amazing things!

We spoke about Jahmene Douglas’ face…yes face, plus we spoke about why dirty dreams don’t always mean what you think.

Do listen out for our brand new regular features; ‘Well blow me down with a gust of BS’ and ‘Pum Pum of the week’!

All the above and soooooo much more…

It’s just over an hour of goodness so click that play button and getcho fill!

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