Tea & Biscuits is STILL going strong + Peppercorns at dawn ft Damon the barber ep 38 included!

WOW – it’s been a minute since I posted about Tea & Biscuits the podcast much less posted on the rinse online at all…!

Sowwwwy, you know when life gets in the way and all that, but I am BACK and will be attempting to post most days again!
(Key word; most).

So the podcast…yep it’s still going strong and we are 38 episodes deep now – not bad hey?

All of our previous episodes are available on our Soundcloud page but for convenience, do check out our most recent offering below.

Damon the barber joined us for a chinwag and yeah, let’s just say, the convo was tres interesting – but don’t just take my word for it, check it out yourself!

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