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Jodeci; the comeback?

Jodeci; the comeback?

Wondered where Jodeci have been hiding since they were mercilessly booed off the stage at Wembley Arena last year? Making music, that’s where! After an 18 year hiatus, the original ladies favourite 90’s boy band; Jodeci, are making a comeback starting with a brand new single called; Nobody Wins. Jodeci performed their new track along…

Eminem’s FACE!!!

Eminem's FACE!!!

Can someone PLEASE explain what the devil is going on with Eminem’s FACE!!! Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator of the Year Awards in New York on Wednesday, Em was snapped looking a little bit haggard (for want of a better expression) as he honoured his former mentor; Dr Dre and Beats by Dre…