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Nando’s & KFC ‘do’ Christmas!

Nando's & KFC 'do' Christmas!

You just know Christmas is approaching when pubs and bars start to offer a ‘festive menu’…but what about when fast food chains try to follow suit? Now we all know McDonald’s loves a seasonal promotion (think McRib, The American range etc etc) but since when did KFC do that ish? Well, never…until now actually! KFC…

A pint and a Whopper please…!

A pint and a Whopper please...!

There’s many a male (more so than women) that have prayed for this day..! Beer with ya burger!! Yep, I’m not talking, Five Guys priced burgers, this is actually happening in regular ole Burger King – at Waterloo station anyway. Lambeth council have approved the request for permission to sell alcoholic beverages alongside Burger King…