A pint and a Whopper please…!

There’s many a male (more so than women) that have prayed for this day..!

Beer with ya burger!!

A pint and a Whopper please...!

Yep, I’m not talking, Five Guys priced burgers, this is actually happening in regular ole Burger King – at Waterloo station anyway.

Lambeth council have approved the request for permission to sell alcoholic beverages alongside Burger King food and whilst it’s only beer (for now), it’s definitely a swerve in direction for regular fast food outlets.

Just picture it….how many more suited and booted individuals are going to be running around central London reeking of beer after indulging in a much cheaper alternative to a pub lunch?

Plenty I suspect….

And whilst the guidelines set out in the license stipulate that the beer can only be sold between 11am-8pm with an alcohol content of below 5%, which automatically restricts the undercover-late-night-alchies from getting involved, I believe there is still room for a lot of carnage!

A Whopper and a beer will become a bog standard order I’d imagine…

Classy shit!

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