But 50 Shades of Grey made her do it….

But 50 Shades of Grey made her do it....

Does this clip excite you?

I mean…REALLY excite you?

OK, so this is only a clip but if it excites you the way a cinema goer in Mexico got excited over the 50 Shades of Grey movie – perhaps you should opt to watch it home (if you haven’t already seen it).

What’s the story then?

Apparently, a Mexican woman took herself to watch 50 Shades at the cinema in Sinaloa, Western Mexico and got so excited, she felt compelled to masturbate right there and then!

Yep…shocking isn’t it?

Unsurprisingly, other cinema goers clocked what was happening in the 12th row and as a result, the horny movie goer was arrested and cuffed!

Oooo cuffed?

Very 50 Shades hey…


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