Call me boring but FORGET THAT!

If there ever was a reason to NOT have a stag do…guys, this has to be it!

Call me boring but FORGET THAT!

A 41 year old stag travelled down to Stockport with his mates and wound up taped to a traffic light pole NAKED for 30 minutes!!!

Obviously, this was all in the name of fun and acted as a sort of punishment for deciding to get married – that’s how it came across anyway!

But the getting naked antics wasn’t enough, Mr Husband-to-be was also painted blue and forced to dress as a smurf for the rest of the night!

My….what great mates this guy has!

Someone would have got a fist full if this were me to be honest.

Stripping me naked, tying me to a traffic light pole, painting me blue?

Nah mate….that ain’t fun in my opinion.

Call me boring…I can handle that! LOL

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