Getting it in…with a car! Erk….

There really isn’t much that can shock me these days what with having access to all kinds of crazy and bizarre things, beings and happenings via the internet BUT, this did come close!

A man in Brazil was caught on camera having sex with a car!!!

Getting it in...with a car! Erk....

A video that emerged on LiveLeak showed a man with his penis inserted into the exhaust.

Apparently, when he spots that he is being filmed, he just continues to thrust away – maybe he was just too caught up in the moment to pull out…yueeeeeeeeeew!

But seriously though…why?

Is this an unfortunate case of Object Sexuality and the need to fulfil this sexual fetish?

Could he have been under the influence of a rather large dose of Class A’s?

Or was homeboy just horny and needed a release?

Either way, not trying to make too much light of this disturbing situation but wasn’t he concerned with the possible effects of exhaust fumes and residue on his winky?

What a weird old world we live in hey?

BTW If you want to view the video…go ahead and Google that ish!!!

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