iPhone geeks…are you ready?

It was bound to happen wasn’t it?

The global phenomenon that is the selfie could not be ignored, least so by Apple the biggest provider of consumer electronics, software and online services.

Ten years on from the launch of the very first iPhone, we wait with bated breath for the iPhone 8 which promises to be an interesting model indeed.

iPhone geeks...are you ready?

The billion selling gadget is having yet another overhaul which will revolutionise the selfie.
(I can almost hear Kim Kardashian and her sisters squeal with glee).

Apparently, the newest model set to launch this September, will have a revolutionary front facing infra-red camera that will have a depth sensing infrared module that could be used as a ‘3D’ sensor enabling the user to add their face into games and apps!

Imagine that…

Spins the whole concept of a selfie on its head hey?

In addition to the above, a trusted analyst has predicted that the iPhone will be charged wirelessly – done so by placing the gadget on a charging pad.

Other insider information includes the decision that Apple have decided going forward, the iPhones will be made with glass backs as opposed to the current metal casing.

And finally, it is predicted that Apple will drop 3 different versions of the newest model!

All sounds very interesting and extremely hi-tech doesn’t it?

I can’t lie, I’m still stuck trying to get my head around the fact that the earphone jack will be no more on the iPhone and now all of this…?

Secretly, I am a bit of techy geek though – I love new features and designs so, bring it on I say.

Let’s wait and see exactly what’s what later on this year.


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