Married at First Sight anyone?

The thought of marriage is enough to send chills down the spine of most people, but to consider getting married to an absolute stranger, is most definitely a no-no in the eyes of most stable individuals… until Channel 4 decide to experiment!

Married at First Sight anyone?

A new programme called Married at First Sight is set to air on our screens over here in the UK tomorrow (Thursday 9th July 2015).

The essence of the programme is; the lives and stories of single British men and women agree to be matched up and walked down the aisle with a complete stranger in a bid to find true love!

Madness right?

Damn skippy!

It gets better…

Apparently the special someone is carefully selected from a panel of experts that consider a variety of tests ranging from relationship history through to their DNA – matched partners get hitched and I mean the whole nine yards from the aisle bit through to the wedding breakfast and reception, then they move in together and commence a 5 week trial living period to decide whether they want to stay married or get divorced!

Absolute craziness!!!

Well, as zany as this may sound, 1,500 people volunteered to take part whilst only 15 men and women were selected – only 3 couples actually pair up for the show!

Naturally the show has been met with much criticism which is hardly surprising but I don’t doubt this first show (at least) will pull in the ratings – I mean heck, it’s the world we live in, everyone wants to know everything about everybody!

Personally I feel this show further mocks what marriage means in the eyes of a lot of people – it is almost showing just how little people care about making such a huge commitment, kind a reflection of how many people feel these days.

Interestingly, Reverend Nick Devenish, a Church of England vicar is one of the panelists involved in the decision making process. He has said he agreed to take part because; ‘he heard a cry for help from young people who have a serious intention and want to have a serious commitment to a life-long partner, but are finding it hard to find that person’.

OK then….

Just wondering, is this gonna be a new thing….like online dating once was but going that one stage further?

Dear God – have mercy!!!

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