Poor Cecil the Lion!

I initially tried to ignore this story…

In fact I chose to stick my head in the sand and act like this world is really filled with pink fluffy stuff as opposed to the cold hearted, puffed up arrogant imbeciles that really inhabit it.

Cecil the lion….

Poor Cecil the Lion!


Some may sigh and argue; but it’s only an animal!

But I’m like, exactly, it’s an animal that not only brought pleasure in abundance to the visitors of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe but really and truthfully, Cecil is an animal that did not deserve to fall victim to the hands of sick individuals that wanted to fulfil some kind of crazy, sordid fantasy – a fetish perhaps.

I mean heck, the American dentist (Walter James Palmer) that killed Cecil already had a felony record in the US for killing a Black bear in the state of Wisconsin – so clearly, this was his thing!!!

This screams deranged, unnecessary and certainly perverse!

What was it all about hey?

What….simply because you can?

Exerting power over an animal and actually paying for the hunt to do what? Satisfy a deep rooted desire?

Tainted, twisted perversion!

OK, so the story is a little deeper than that…

Apparently, Professional Zimbabwean hunter Theo Bronkhorst and local landowner Honest Ndlovu accepted roughly £32,000 from Palmer for what he thought was a professionally organised and legal hunt. As a result, he shot Cecil with a crossbow before tracking him down many hours later and shooting him dead!

What followed was even more gruesome…

Cecil was skinned and beheaded, presumably as some sort of trophy – but the head is yet to be found!

My heart and head hurts knowing this.

What horrible people!

Naturally, the assassination of Cecil (because that’s what it was), has caused outrage amongst celebrities and wildlife organisations. Many have spoken out about condemning the act.

The fallout out of this story – the Bronkhorst and Ndlovu will appear in court and face poaching charges with a potential stint in the nick for 15 years!

I say they bang them up and throw away the key!

Just look at Cecil in all his majestic glory….

Just beautiful!

RIP Cecil

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