School dinners anyone?

Fancy reliving your school days?

It’ll cost you £55 but it could be worth the laugh!

Between 22nd July – 6th August, The Round Chapel Old School Rooms in Clapton will boast a pop up restaurant that hopes to take you back to the good ole days.

Complete with teachers and desks, the After School Club will offer a 5 course school dinner themed meal of poshed up favourites like fish fingers and spaghetti in tomato sauce.

During the evening, you can enjoy an art class and a cocktail or two (wonder if the art class comes before the cocktail or after) oh….and apparently you will have to be on your best behaviour!

Sounds a bit like a threat right?

Anyways if you fancy it, you will have to get yourself over to Hackney to indulge!

Can’t lie – it sounds pretty cool but I’ll be damned if I’m forking out over 50 nicker to eat school dinners….or even be reminded of them.

School canteen food has always been and will no doubt, always be…a pile of crap!

For more info, click HERE!

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