The fake baby carrying, B&M thief!

Me, I love a good ole crazy story and this one is no different…

Imagine the confused look on the faces of West Midlands police officers when they were called to the B&M store in Solihull to accost a teenage girl that had been shoplifting with a baby in a pram only to discover the baby was not a real baby but was merely a soft toy with a face made out of a bra…yes a bra – the facial details were drawn in!

The fake baby carrying, B&M thief!

In a not-very-well-thought out plan to steal from the store, the teenage thief decided, having a baby would act as a convincing disguise and would not draw attention to her intentions…


That age old trick aroused the suspicion of the staff so they approached the teen and her baby.

Knowing she was about to get nabbed, it was reported, she slapped the store manager across the face…

Uhmmm not sure what she was hoping to achieve from that but her haul was soon discovered in the pram – an electric toothbrush, sweets and candles.


She was subsequently given a 12 month community order and has to pay back the court costs after admitting 2 counts of shoplifting and one count of assault.

What a madness hey?

All that effort, what with the makeshift baby and all and it still flopped, clearly this teen is not about that life!

Foolish girl!!!

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