Tim the semen filled syringe squirter! WTF?!

Have mercy…

We are merely 3 days into a new year and I’m already begging Jesus to take the wheel!

I understand that some get kicks from sex in public…even masturbation in public but to go ahead, masturbate, fill a syringe with your ‘buss nut’ then proceed to follow women around and squirt them with your sticky stuff HAS to be an all-time low but this is EXACTLY what went down in Ohio!

Tim the semen filled syringe squirter! WTF?!

Dude pictured above is called Timothy Blake and the above is what Timothy Blake likes to do…it gets him off you see…oh and let me not forget to mention the fact that Timothy Blake is a perv…clearly!!!

Mr Blake got ‘outed’ as a super creep after one woman discovered his juices on her bottom and after removing the nastiness in a public bathroom, she came out to discover him lurking about staring at her.

Thankfully, Timothy Blake is now in police custody after admitting 12 instances of knocking one out in shopping centre car parks and then following women with semen filled syringes!

Whilst the police are hunting for more victims, Timothy Blake remains in police custody!

What a ting!


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