Amber, Khloe, Kim and Kanye!

Annnnnd here’s another Twitter beef that appears to have grown legs, arms, and a body and has become an actual living and breathing entity!

That’s how it seems anyway.

Let’s take it back for those that may not be fully clued up on why Amber and Khloe got in to it on Twitter, why the hashtag #DontPanic became the funniest thing that happened that day and why Kanye has now come out firing shots at his ex; Amber!

Amber, Khloe, Kim and Kanye!

Deep breath….

So, Amber takes herself onto Power 105.1 for an interview…as you do.

During said interview, Amber spoke about her recent split with husband; Wiz Khalifa, enjoying single life and yadda yadda yadda…

But what really peaked everyone interest was her comments firstly about Kylie Jenner – the youngest of the Kardashian Klan!

Rumours surrounding Kylie and rapper Tyga have swirled for a while so given that Amber is BFFs with Tyga’s baby momma (yeah I know, choice of words and all that), Amber was oh so happy to throw in her pennies worth about the whole set up.

In responding to a comment made by co-host; Angela Yee, in reference to Kylie and Tyga’s apparent coupling, Amber said; She’s a baby. She needs to go to bed. It’s 7 ‘clock. And relax… He should be ashamed of himself. That’s how I feel, for sure. That’s ridiculous! He has a beautiful woman, and a baby, and left that for a 16-year-old that just turned 17, like nah.” Ouch!

Clearly not ready to leave the Kardashians alone, Amber then moved on to Kim – *insert dramatic music* dun dun duuuuuuurrrrrr…

After stating she didn’t hate the Kardashian girls, but didn’t have any respect for them either, she said; If I wanna have my t*tties out, on a beach, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, I’m not gonna have my t*tties out and be like, (impersonating Kim) ‘Oh my god! I can’t believe like, uh, they caught me with my boobs out!

Naturally and I guess, understandably, Khloe took to Twitter to defend her sisters.

Amber, Khloe, Kim and Kanye!

She aimed the following tweets at Amber:

Amber didn’t waste any time at firing back:

She even took it there with a meme of ex boyf: Kanye….

And just to make sure Khloe was clear on just how many f*cks she actually gave, Amber posted this on her Instagram page with the caption: Yo @KhloeKardashian I’m really happy for u and I’m gonna let u finish but I have the best leaked nude pics of all time! #StopSweatinMeHoe

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Cue Kanye!

Imagine his face when he caught wind of what was happening?

You already know that you cannot bring any bad talk about Kim to Kanye – nuh uh, he is having NONE of it and to hear his ex carrying on like this and showing no respect whatsoever, must have sent his brain into melt down!

After pulling himself together again, the rumour is; he has decided that he is the sole reason for Amber’s attack and has spoken out to confirm so claiming that she is not over him!

Apparently, Kanye is not a happy bunny and wants to ridicule Amber for this.

Not sure that Amber is too worried about this rumour though because if my brain serves me correctly, wasn’t there something about her having to sign some sort of silence agreement when they split?

Perhaps it’s Kanye that should be worrying…

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