Azealia vs Erykah Badu – yes really!

OK so I was going to stay well away from Azealia Banks’ latest Twitter spat, seriously I was BUT, it’s harder to do than initially thought.

Azealia vs Erykah Badu - yes really!

Honestly… I am genuinely concerned as to why this lady is so angry with the world and why she feels she has to take massive offence to any comment that can be construed as a not-so-positive one about her…

She’s angry…

Initially I, like everyone else was like; *pumps fist* yaaaay Azealia – tell em, whenever she made a point about things she felt passionate about – namely Iggy, but now I’m like…really? Another run-in? With who? Oh for real?

Azealia’s latest exchange was with the legend that is; Erykah Badu!

Azealia vs Erykah Badu - yes really!

I mean, how are you going to try and attack the Queen of Neo Soul based purely on the fact that she didn’t respond to a question by a fan, in the way you believe she should have?

As far as I can see, the above is the sole reason for the back and forth that occurred over the past couple of days on Twitter.

Check it out below:

It started with this Tweet:

Then Erykah responded…

Then this happened:


I’m just hoping… in fact, I’m praying that Azaelia finds some peace within and just tries to take time with her run-ins – it really doesn’t have to be this way!

I’m just saying…

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