Beyonce, Jay Z & Rihanna?

bey and jay

Are we really still doing this?

Is speculation STILL mounting over Jay Z’s infidelity?


OK, so it’s been some months now and the rumour mill shows no sign of letting up in fact, it seems like the snowball of theory is picking up momentum.

Now the story is; Rihanna is the third person in the Carter marriage and she is the reason for the rift!

Are we sure?

Well, according to a variety of sources, Rihanna IS Jay Z’s other woman.

 jay and ri

I can’t lie to you, I have heard this nonsense before but I was just like meh!

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so dismissive…

Is there something here that my spidey senses decided to overlook or is the media doing what they do best and making a mountain out of a molehill over this one?

You decide but if the rumours are true…this whole thing just gets better and better.

Hear this…

Apparently Rihanna is the reason why Solange attacked Jay Z at the Met ball earlier this year!!!

jay and sol

Solange simply lost the plot when Jay announced that he was going to Rihanna’s after party WITHOUT his wife!

If the story is true…that’s a liberty for sure but I’m really struggling with this…

Rihanna and Jay Z?

Maybe back in the day when RiRi was on the up, but now?


I dunno, I just can’t see it meself but who am I?

Either way we look at this, whether it’s Rihanna that’s the other woman or it’s some other chick, the Bey & Jay union looks like it’s sitting on very rocky ground.

Maybe it’s no longer a case of; will they split? It’s more like; when!

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