Black Pudding a Superfood? Laow that bruh!

Well that’s one sure fire way of getting my stomach to turn first thing in the morning…

Black Pudding….the ‘sausage’ made up of pork or beef fat (or both) and blood (yuuuuew), has apparently made its way on to the Superfoods list for 2016!

Black Pudding a Superfood? Laow that bruh!

Sitting on the list alongside the likes of; black rice, Avocado oil, and seaweed, Black Pudding has secured a spot based on the fact that it is protein rich, packed with iron and zinc and practically carb free!

To be honest, I’ve never really considered Black Pudding as a Superfood and actually getting past the idea of eating blood and fat in a sliced sausage like fashion – has never been my idea of fun and regardless of any list that attempts to convince me that the consumption of such ‘nastiness’ is the way forward health wise…. It’s just NOT going to happen!!

Blood and fat…in a sausage?

Drop me out bruv!

And why is it called ‘pudding’ anyway?

There is absolutely nothing puddingy about it in my opinion!

If we are talking pudding, I’m expecting the discussion to involve sticky toffee or jam sponge…something – not congealed blood and fat!

Seriously, a superfood?

Pass me the freakin seaweed!

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