Bobby quits the New Edition tour

Awww naw, you know New Edition are touring America, well…seems as though Bobby Brown just could not cut the mustard and has subsequently had to drop out of future shows with the rest of the boys for the foreseeable.

bobby b

TMZ claim that a rep for Bobby revealed he had recently undergone an intrusive procedure which left him too exhausted to perform to the same standard as the other boys.

Can I just say, his performance in Mississippi was very cringe – it was clear he just could not keep up (according to rumour)!

It’s such a shame but I can’t help but wonder if the years of alleged alcohol and narcotic abuse have finally taken its toll on Bobby.

He also looks very bloated…again a possible side effect of too much alcohol/drugs or just straight up, too much burger munching *pause*

Check him out alongside the other guys…he’s looking a lil porky isn’t he?

new edition

Bobby was always the loveable rogue and whilst he still looks very roguish, as the years roll by, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to love him in the same way. I mean that video that he made with Ja Rule a few years back, left me cowering under the kitchen table with embarrassment for him…

I mean it was all just too much and the question that I yet to have answered is; who the hell is SIM?

I think he means HIM but it sounds like SIM! Maybe it’s reference to someone he knows or something…

Who knows, check out the video and see if you can work it out:

But seriously though, should there be a more genuine reason for Bobby’s decision to not continue with the tour other than him just being unfit, I pray the situation rights itself as soon as possible.

As much as Bobby becomes increasingly more difficult to get, he is an important part of the boy band history of yester year and the world would just not be right without him.

Feel better soon Bobby!

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