Bruce Jenner confirms the rumours!

We’ve speculated for months, some for years but now, the cat is out of the bag – Bruce Jenner has confirmed that he is indeed, transitioning into a woman!

Bruce Jenner confirms the rumours!

Just hours ago, the long awaited and much anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC aired which saw Bruce confess that; for all intents and purposes I am a woman! [cite]

As expected, the outpour of support on social media was immense. Stars tweeted in their droves, from Lady Gaga through to Russell Simmons – many showed their respect and love for Bruce and his bravery.

We also learned that of all the Kardashian clan, Khloe is taking the news the hardest!

Bruce believes her feelings are justified because she’s faced a lot of losses in her life including the death of her father and of course, more recently, the breakdown of her marriage to Lamar Odom.

Apparently Kim has been the most accepting and has even encouraged Bruce to make sure he always looks good!

When the interview came to an end, the Kardashian’s tweeted their support with each of them proclaiming how incredibly proud they were of his courage.

Even Kris managed to grit her teeth and declare that she is now able to call him her hero!

FYI – Bruce has also stated that he does not want to be identified as a female publically – yet!

Bruce Jenner confirms the rumours!

I applaud Bruce for his bravery and honesty…to himself!

Just imagine how hard it must have been to downplay your true feelings for years….

Hopefully now, at 65, Bruce can experience true happiness and contentment.

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