Dear Cheryl – you don’t have to sexualise yourself to sell music…? Really?

OK as I type this, I am almost prepared for the Cheryl Cole ahem…Cheryl Fernandez-Versini fan club to start flinging things in my direction but it’s OK, because I am sure most people will agree with what I am about to say…or rather, comment on!

So, Chezza has decided to speak up about scantily clad female singers and the fact that she believes what we are seeing in the industry is distasteful and pedalled by the men behind the scenes…truth!

Well, I totally agree with the sentiment and all that but what I find a little bit difficult to swallow is the fact that you, Dear Cheryl, not only wore next to nothing for say…. 80% of the time you were either onstage or performing solo or with your girl group – Girls Aloud but you literally flew the flag for showing flesh and looking sexy.

Young girls looked up to you in their droves and as a result, begged and pleaded with their distressed mothers to buy them crop tops and skin tight items of clothing because; that’s what Cheryl Cole wore.

Yes, again, I agree with trying to educate young women on the pitfalls of fame or trying to sell music is great and I am all for that but coming from you, it almost seems…contradictory.

Is it bad for me to say that?

I mean, wasn’t it you that got your ass out the other day to show off your humungous rose tattoo and subsequently, took every opportunity to show it off onstage with pum pum shorts and tutus?

Dear Cheryl - you don't have to sexualise yourself to sell music...really?

How about all your revealing stage costumes and photo shoots?

Dear Cheryl - you don't have to sexualise yourself to sell music...really?

They were sexy and some would say, you were scantily clad!

Sex sells and you bought in to that too!

OK so, you have tried to justify your positioning on this matter by claiming you are not judging those that choose to shed their clothes and that you’re merely suggesting there is a way to do sexy, well I’m asking…how? Because based on the pictures below, you dress in a similar fashion to most other females on the music scene right now, admittedly not the person that flaunts the most but what is it that you see yourself doing that’s so different?

Dear Cheryl - you don't have to sexualise yourself to sell music...really?

Dear Cheryl - you don't have to sexualise yourself to sell music...really?

Dear Cheryl - you don't have to sexualise yourself to sell music...really?

You commented on feeling uncomfortable at times in Girls Aloud but brushed it off by saying;

‘Girls Aloud wore some short skirts and some outfits that were quite sexy, but we were singing ‘I’m just a love machine’ and ‘Something kinda ooh, jumping on my tutu’.

‘It was fun, it was quirky, it wasn’t trying to be sexual. I would never do something I didn’t want to do, or get told that’s the ‘lane’ to be in at the moment. The lane. Everyone is competing in the same lane. F­**k off, I’d rather be in my own lane.’

What does this mean?

You would probably say you did what you had to do to get to where you have got to but by that logic, what you are now speaking out against, is what you actually are.

Contradictory right?

Again, please don’t get me wrong, I actually agree with what you’re saying but I do wonder if, getting married has given you a sense of superiority in that, you now feel you have the right or have somehow qualified to be making these statements.

I don’t think you’ve ever been looked to as the voice of sensibility for a generation – no disrespect but do you see what I mean when I ask, what has prompted your new found concern?

Maybe it’s the fact that you now see yourself in politics.

Perhaps you feel it’s time to leave behind that sexy songstress image that Britain has watched for the last few years…maybe.

But do you know what would have been much more impressive…?

Had you honestly felt like this over the years, perhaps making a stand years ago, would have contributed to trying to rid the industry of perverse dictation….just maybe!

Of course, I am not naïve to think one person could have changed the world, but you were in a great position to try!

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