Is it just rumours; Beyoncé and Jay Z

Oh Lord, Jesus….somebody say it ain’t so!

Not that I’m a devout Beyoncé fan or anything but news that the most powerful couple in the industry are allegedly heading for a divorce can only be likened to eating cold custard in the artic….it’s damn right lumpy!

Is it just rumours; Beyoncé  and Jay Z

All Beyoncé haters (and Jay Z haters alike) are queuing in their droves to point fingers and laugh at the break down of another showbiz marriage…

Personally I don’t think it’s anything to laugh at (unless the rumour that it was all for show is true too, but I don’t believe that either)!

So what’s the latest rumours then….

It’s scandalous, I’m telling you…

Apparently, not only are The Carters far from happy, word on the low low is the Queen Bey has a bit of an alcohol addiction and has also taken to getting physical with ole Jigga man…

Yup, the rumour is, Bey is beating up on Jay!

I really am stuck for comment on this one.

Could you imagine it?

Sadly, I wouldn’t be massively shocked….although it isn’t right!

Yeah OK, so  we recently saw the clip of the pair of them at the Basketball game and admittedly, there were a billion and one questions that came off the back of that video but could Beyoncé be subliminally be trying to tell us something, what with her recently posting a picture of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton famed for their fiery relationship?

Whatever it is that’s going on behind closed doors, let’s just hope lil miss Blue Ivy isn’t privy to any of it

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