Jodeci; the comeback?

Wondered where Jodeci have been hiding since they were mercilessly booed off the stage at Wembley Arena last year?

Making music, that’s where!

Jodeci; the comeback?

After an 18 year hiatus, the original ladies favourite 90’s boy band; Jodeci, are making a comeback starting with a brand new single called; Nobody Wins.

Jodeci performed their new track along with some of their classic hits at the Soul Train Awards 2014 earlier on this month.

Their reappearance on the stage was much more together this time around and although it was clear as the day that they were miming (well at least K-Ci was), I didn’t feel the need to dive behind my couch and peep over the back of it in shame – they actually looked good up there!

When asked about new music recently, Mr Dalvin was quoted to have said; sometimes it’s about the timing!

He’s not wrong but really, someone should have told them that their timing was very, very wrong last year at Wembley….very wrong!

But anyway, scrap that, the boys are back to laying down signature harmonies over synthesized chords in typical R&B fashion on Nobody Wins. BOB even contributes to the track with some lyrics – it’s really not bad you know!

The song itself is about discouraging Domestic Violence.

Mary J Blige I hear you cry…but hold up…

The group felt now was the perfect time to put forward something that highlights domestic violence issues with Dalvin also adding; Domestic violence has always been an issue in relationships, but because of the caliber of people being charged recently, it’s being brought to the forefront. He also said; It’s definitely something people are going to listen to because domestic violence should not be tolerated in any situation, not just between men and women, but people in general.

I would like to hear what K-Ci thinks in particular given that, his relationship with Mary J and all its gory bits was heavily publicised back in the day… now that would make for an interesting read!

But, to be fair, it sounds like they are on the right track toward impressing people all over again.

I have to admit, I am kinda looking forward to seeing what this album is saying.

Apparently there is not a definitive date for the album release as they are considering various distribution deals but it is certainly on the cards.

Let’s just hope this is the beginning of a fresh new chapter in the world of Jodeci. From drug abuse to domestic violence….they’ve covered pretty much everything during their time in the limelight. Now they are older, I pray their approach to life, is very different!

Check out the quartet on stage courtesy of GrindFace Apparel:

NB: The Soul Train awards will be aired at the end of this month.

Oh wait….can we talk about Devante’s uhmmm pony tail?

Jodeci; the comeback?


OK then…next time!

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