Kanye West is NOT a musician – his words!

Is Kanye a fan of trolling?



Kanye West is NOT a musician - his words!

Why else would he make random announcements that are guaranteed to get a rise out of the public?

Take for example, his recent admissions in the essay he penned for Paper Magazine (yes that’s the same mag that wifey Kim K got naked for).

This is what he said towards the end;

One time I was at the dentist’s office and I was given nitrous gas and I was vibing out. I guess that’s my version of Steve Jobs and his LSD trip — when I had this first thought: What is the meaning of life? And then I thought, To give. What’s the key to happiness? Happiness. What do you want in life? When you give someone something, should they give you something in return? No. We don’t have to expect to be compensated by the person we give to. Just give.

Steve Jobs?

LSD trip?

*shakes head*

He then attempted to justify his thought process by saying;

I’m a Christian so I’ll speak in Christian terms: God will give you tenfold. Then I said in my mind — I’m still under the gas and getting my teeth cleaned — But I just want to be remembered. And I immediately corrected myself. I said, it doesn’t even matter if I’m remembered.

He claims the run in with the nitrous gas gave him a completely new attitude on everything!

*cue raucous laughter*

Trolling right?

Kanye is well aware that most would find any way to latch on to his words and make what he says into much more of a bigger deal and you know what? I believe he loves it! He has to!!

He wasn’t done there though…

In a similar fashion to his declaration that he is God, he announced that he is not what he would consider a true musician but actually, he is an inventor – an innovator!!!

Interestingly, at this point, I am more than curious as to who he actually regards as a true musician….Beyoncé?

Kanye West is NOT a musician - his words!

Throughout the essay, as usual there were more than a few valid points made by Mr West such as his concerns over race and his hopes that his daughter grows up in a different world!

His description of his definition of beauty is also an interesting one.

He says:

When I think beauty, I think of an untouched forest, only created by God’s hand. I think of a grey sky that separates the architecture from the background and creates these amazing photographs because you don’t have to block the sun above you when you’re taking the photograph.

Very profound Kanye…very profound!

So what was the purpose behind this essay then?

Booooooy, goodness knows!

Perhaps it’s yet another attempt to try and make the world see things through his eyes.

I’ve always said that Kanye is a genius despite his amazing ability to act the fool or at least come across as one – maybe that’s what makes him even more genius!

I do wonder; will people ever admit to their secret infatuation with his shenanigans and his apparent fearless and outspoken nature.

Probably not!

But more importantly Ye, please tell me why it is you need to be dosed up on nitrous gas in order to have your teeth cleaned?

Gaaaaad these celebrities hey?!!!

Click to read the Paper Magazine article


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