Kim Kardashian’s ASS!

So, Paper Magazine gave themselves one assignment this winter and that was to; BREAK THE INTERNET – their words not mine!

So to BREAK THE INTERNET, some clever clogs (probably over several bottles of Prosecco) decided that displaying Kim Kardashian-West’s arse in all its rambunctious glory, was the way forth!

Paper Magazine has released two front covers, both showing Kim but one of which shows  Kim, if you know what I mean?!

Where do I start without being a prude?

Kim Kardashian's ASS!

OK, so embracing your curves, body, looks, lips yadda yadda yadda is something I whole heartedly advocate, but there is something about her bare bottom glistening in the light with an oil sheen that that puts the frying pan at your local greasy spoon after a morning serving hungry builders, to shame!

Could it be that it’s all just a bit TOO much?

Yes, we’ve all witnessed Kim’s arse just out there many times before… most memorably in that infamous belfie which almost forced Kanye to cum in his pants but still….

Maybe it’s the fact that Kanye himself has made no qualms about wanting people to take his brand i.e. his family, music and label more seriously. Having decided that both he and Kim should no longer smile in pictures because serious is more fashionable, you had a sense that Kim’s arse days were soon to be no longer. With Kanye wanting respect from the world, the butt tricks would probably be one of the first things to go.


Probably not!

Here we are discussing yet another cheap Kardashian publicity stunt.

I mean, in all fairness, the cover that sees Kim popping bottles all over her derriere would have probably been enough to BREAK THE INTERNET itself – there are lots of sexual connotations in this image alone… enough to get people talking for sure but I suppose, when you really wanna BREAK THE INTERNET, you have to do it properly right?!

So I guess the question is; is it right to slate Kim; a young mother for getting her over inflated butt cheeks out again all in the name of popularity or is she just doing whatever she has to do for the sake of her family and their future?

Serious question though; how will North feel when she is old enough to learn of her mother’s antics?

Will she feel proud or shame? Or will she just not care?

Who knows…?

One thing is for sure, as a direct result of these images, there are currently scores of women the world over desperately wishing and trying to devise a billion and one ways of getting arse implants or injections to emulate Mrs West.

Am I wrong?

Now, as ironic as this may seem, I think Kim is a naturally beautiful woman with ample sex appeal and sass AND I happen to believe she is probably a really sweet individual that is simply just trying to remain relevant in world of fickleness and little sisters…because let’s face it, those little sisters of hers, are ready to take over – especially that Kendall but we digress…
Kim…a darling I am sure!

I just hope she is prepared for the day when those ass cheeks deflate and no one wants to see them slapped all over the internet but for now….well I guess, she might as well enjoy the ride… I’m sure Kanye does!

FYI the full edition of Paper Magazine with these images and then some, will be available tomorrow (Thursday).
An absolute wank bank requirement for many no doubt…

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