Kylie Jenner’s FACE!

Since Kylie appeared at the MuchMusic awards alongside big sis Kendall Jenner, the has she / hasn’t she plastic surgery theories have gone into overdrive!

kylie at muchmusic

Whilst Kendall was always slightly ahead in the looks department, solidified by the fact that her star seems to be rising in the modelling world whilst Kylie, albeit 2 years or so younger, appears to be becoming more and more like the tag along – it was only a matter of time before the pressure of being a Kardashian and having to look a certain way, took its toll.

Yep, I do think Kylie Jenner has had cosmetic surgery but do I blame her…no!

Do I blame her mother?

Yes….to a point!

In a world where looks, image and popularity seem to be the only thing that matters to most, Momanger Kris Jenner has done little to protect her darling daughters from the fakeness of the much desired Hollywood lifestyle – in fact, because of her unrelenting desire to be so incredibly famous (or infamous however you want to look at it), she has quite literally exploited her girls (and family) for fame and money.

You only have to think about how quickly she was willing to throw her daughter’s pride under the bus and endorse the Kim Kardashian sex tape – how many mothers would actually do that?

Yeah she will argue that she was capitalising on something that was already out there but to be honest with you, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one that convinced Ray J and Kim to actually film one in the first place!

An extreme idea yes…

An impossibility…NO!

This woman has no qualms about her!

But back to Kylie, the speculation over her ever changing face continues to grow.

One magazine claimed she has had botox, a nose job and heavily utilises lip fillers – I am inclined to agree.

Take a look at the before and after pictures below…


Kylie Before


Kylie After

Oh and she’s definitely had something done to that chin!

So what does this mean?

In my opinion, Kylie Jenner having cosmetic surgery at such a young age is only going to justify to many young girls why they too should have surgery.

As Kylie (and indeed Kendall), begin to morph into Kim Klones…yes I went there with the ‘K’ – the message being sent out is one that says it’s OK to be focused solely on how you look and not much else and also, looking good, fake or Kim Kardashian like, is the only way to go!

It’s very worrying!

Someone sensible needs to take Kylie under their wing and reassure her of her individual beauty.

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