NEW MUSIC: Jodeci – Every Moment….first thoughts!

OK, so I was sent a link to listen to Jodeci’s new track; Every Moment and after a typical R&B style intro, K-Ci’s instantly recognisable voice filled my eardrums…still raspy, still rugged, still laced with attitude but perhaps a little more crispy then before.

NEW MUSIC: Jodeci - Every Moment....first thoughts!

He sounded good but his words seemed a little bit waterlogged…almost!

Dare I say, it sounded as though the crystal clear vocals that had earned K-Ci the title of; Jodeci frontman, seemed a little bit worse for wear!

I wouldn’t say his vocals were finished with, just more….matured maybe… but not the fine wine kind of mature either.

NEW MUSIC: Jodeci - Every Moment....first thoughts!

The familiar harmony of the other 3 band members chimed in and it was at that point, I was taken back to when Jodeci ruled the roost!

Actually, I was reminded of Love U 4 Life.

As the song went on, I realised what it was….K-Ci sounded tired!

He was riding the song like an old pro and even hit those notes, again, taking me back to the Jodeci heyday but I couldn’t help but feel it took a lot out of him to try and recreate that signature K-Ci sound.

Then JoJo dropped some vocals!!

JoJo only sang a few bars but what I remember of his previously soft, warm and buttery tones had been replaced… I couldn’t put my finger on what with, but I just knew he sounded different!

The song continued and in true 90s fashion, by the time we reached the bridge, K-Ci was in full swing, licks, runs… all sorts.

In that moment, I was so taken in, I forgot about how he had sounded so tired, minutes ago!

I liked this song, even if it did conjure up images of the 4 looking and behaving very, very, very differently to how most women expected them to look and behave back in the 90s

NEW MUSIC: Jodeci - Every Moment....first thoughts!

Overall, I wasn’t disappointed, I didn’t cringe too much and found myself nodding along.

Every Moment is a great throw back to 90s R&B and actually, I wouldn’t mind hearing a new album from them which is just as well as rumour has it, an album should be landing soon courtesy of Epic Records/Sony Music.

Check out the track for yourself and see what you think:

1 comment for “NEW MUSIC: Jodeci – Every Moment….first thoughts!

  1. February 23, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    I actually liked the song. I like the production especially. You can tell with the synths that it defintely is a “back in the day” sound, but they combined a lot of the modern drum sequences. As far as the vocals, I think they were quite good considering the wear and tear on these guys….as far as Jojo…that’s something else. I really think he doesn’t have it anymore and they just had to process his voice so much that it doesn’t sound like him. I can tell how he is singing it that it’s him, but its just so over processed, probably becaus he doesn’t have it anymore. Only die hard Jodeci fans will notice it. I don’t like how his voice sounds, not because its bad, but because it doesn’t sound like him….but the song over all, I’d five 3 out of 4 stars.

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