Nick Cannon admits to Kardashian fling LIVE on radio with Charlie Sloth

When Charlie Sloth grilled Nick Cannon on his fruity past with Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian in a lie detector type segment on his radio show, we definitely got more than what we had bargained for.

I for one would LOVE to have been a fly on Mariah’s wall when this news pierced her royal ear drums… she must have completely flipped out.

Forget the fact that they have consciously uncoupled in a similar fashion to that of Gwyneth and Chris, MC is all about ego and THIS is so not in the plans!

As for Kanye….Good God, he must have had the muvva of all tantrums because you know homeboy would like to think his precious Kimmy had never been touched before him!

Forget sex tapes and what-not’s, when it comes to Kim, Kanye has a blur all button.

Poor luv!

Check out why these 5 minutes of radio gold are giving me air in my lungs right now!

Karate chop wipe anyone *covers face*

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