Nori says NO!

Right…so here’s a hint: maybe, just maybe, an Alexander Wang fashion show is NOT the place for a what…? 2 year old toddler!

Nori says NO!

Surely the first tantrum should have told you this!

I mean, imagine it…

After having to go through the rigmarole of being snapped on the way in to the fashion show space, the child is dressed in what looks like layers of clothing, she’s sat on her mother’s knee for goodness knows how long, the venue was probably quite stuffy due to the lighting and what not and quite frankly, lil Miss North West would probably have preferred to be roaming around at home or in some kind of children’s activity centre rather than sitting on the FROW during New York fashion week!

Whilst it’s clear that Kanye (and Kim), want to break their daughter into the life of a fashion person from a young age….she is clearly not interested – her wails and screams tell us so.

I mean…what did they think was going to happen?

Did they honestly think she would sit through however long like a perfect little angel?


That’s just not what kids do!

They talk when you don’t want them to, they fidget when you want them to keep still and…believe it or not, they cry when you least want them to or when they’ve had enough!

I really hope the Wests have taken on board Nori’s latest episode and realise that they may have to wait a few more years before trying to involve her this way again.

Poor lil baba, look at the anguish on her face whilst Mommy snaps away and Daddy desperately tries to force a smile…for once!

Oh and Nicki Minaj’s body language is saying EVERYTHING!

And look at the little cherub during Daddy’s fashion show….far from impressed!

Nori says NO!

Side note: Kanye, this is most probably why Bey and Jay and actually most other people DON’T bring their children to events like these…!

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