Stripping off in flight? No thanks!

What in God’s name is this I’m hearing/reading?

So a flight from Kingston, Jamaica was met by the police after landing in London Gatwick yesterday morning (Thursday) because one of the passengers decided it would be fun to get naked in flight!

Stripping off in flight? No thanks!

Yep, one woman who clearly had a little bit too much rum for her own good, stripped off during the flight and allegedly performed a solo sex act on herself too!


Like seriously….WTF?

Can you imagine it, you’re sat there enjoying your Saltfish patty with a ginger beer or something then some outta order ting, decides to get her bits out!

Nah, not impressed!

I sincerely hope they have banned her from British Airways flights for the foreseeable.

NO ONE wants to see that – not even the tatty ol’ drunkard man at the back of the plane by the loos…NO ONE!

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