The Nick Gordon Intervention with Dr Phil

I have just watched Nick Gordon’s Intervention with Dr Phil which was, by the way, supposed to be an interview where he set the story straight about the whole Bobbi Kristina incident but here I am feeling more than uncomfortable about what I just witnessed!

During the episode we learn a little bit more about Nick and Krissi’s relationship.

We come to understand that they have been friends since she was 12 but he didn’t actually move in with her and Whitney until just after his 18th birthday in 2008.

It was clear throughout that Nick regarded himself as their protector.

He feels as though he has failed Whitney twice, once for allowing her to die (in his mind) and two, for not protecting Krissi as he had promised he would numerous times.

Whilst I must confess, I was gripped, what was presented before me was nothing short of a disturbing 45 minutes of delirium, hysteria and depression.

To say it’s sad, is an understatement.

Check it out for yourself but be quick before it gets whipped down:

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