Whatever Josie Cunningham!!!

This is the face of Britain’s most hated scrounger…Josie Cunningham!

Whatever Josie Cunningham!!!

Josie shot to fame for having a £4,800 boob job on the NHS back in 2009 and showcasing them on page 3 (amongst other places). Josie is also known for her outrageous claims that she was aborting her baby for a chance to appear on the TV show; Big Brother in 2014.

Yes, you read right….aborting a baby to get on to Big Brother!

Who does that shit?

Anyways, Josie has since found herself in a series of online rows with celebrities who have challenged her nonsense opinions and statements.

Now, I’m not sure who her PR people are or where the suggestion to make a documentary about her life in a bid to change public perception came from – well actually I do, it’s for publicity and is of course a money making attempt, however, whatever, it pretty much flopped in my opinion.  Josie is still being referenced as the most hated woman in Britain!

Now about that documentary…*sigh*

The documentary sees Josie, at 7 months pregnant, talking about riding the wave of fame in opportunities that have been created (PR stunts). She talks about not necessarily wanting to be famous but rather, wanting to make money for the sake of her kids.

The documentary attempts to show the viewer that Josie is all about her kids and their best interest.

Kind of contradictory coming from a women that once claimed breastfeeding is like incest!

Also, the fact that she got uptight when asked about how she felt her crazy outbursts would affect her kids, suggests that she’s more than a bit lost when it comes to morals!

She does however try to convince viewers that if they were to spend a day with her, they would realise that she is a nice person and not a scrounger or a bad mom. The latter could well be true but does beg the question; why would you make a thing of celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the NHS boob job that essentially made you infamous then?

Josie was spotted in London’s Soho in little more than a pair of grey leggings and an orange crop top with a 2 Today badge.

Whatever Josie Cunningham!!!

She took to Twitter beforehand to confirm the anniversary celebrations:

Didn’t take long before she was snapped looking worse for wear and stumbling all over the gaff though!

Whatever Josie Cunningham!!!

What an embarrassment!

Basically, as a result, that shit about being misunderstood and all of that, was pretty much flushed down the khazi along with the gallons of vom that no doubt left her gut by the end of her boozy night out!

Pure class is our Josie – NOT!

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