Whatever Piers!

Those that know me would know that I already have this ‘thing’ when it comes to Piers Morgan.

I can’t quite explain what my issue is with him….he’s probably a nice guy away from TV but perhaps it’s his puffed up arrogance that rubs me up the wrong way or maybe it’s just the sound of his know-it-all voice filling my eardrums first thing each week day morning courtesy of what used to my favourite breakfast programme; GMTV, now known as GMB, that upsets my equilibrium.

Gaaaawd knows why but his trolling ways and constant name dropping, really does grind my gears so, you can imagine my face when I read that article or rather, his think piece on Beyoncé’s new visual album; Lemonade.

Whatever Piers!

The article was filled with a blatant lack of understanding, as to why, one of the biggest stars on the planet would dare to show support to any cause close to her heart.  Piers attempted to belittle Bey’s stance against police brutality and racism, whilst standing up for womanhood, all at the same time.

Piers’ article PISSED me off royally!!!

I tried desperately to look at the piece with fresh eyes and put aside my personal feelings towards him but it made no difference.

The fact that he almost tried to gloss over his underlying discomfort and imminent essay of disrespect with the line; ‘Now, I bow to no man nor woman when it comes to my admiration for this lady’, jarred me chronically!

The whole piece basically challenged Beyoncé’s decision to rep her ends – so to speak and use her huge platform to shed some much needed light on the BS that Black America in particular, has and continues to contend with DAILY!

What’s the problem with that?

Whatever Piers!

Beyoncé was in no way urging people to violently protest or riot in order to be heard, she was merely creatively expressing her feelings as a Black woman… that clearly upset Piers.

OK maybe not ‘upset’ him but more, confused him and perhaps, left him feeling like a fish out of water!


But seriously, what is the issue?

Is it because the subject matter is difficult to relate to for some?

Or maybe, the truth burns too deeply?

Whatever, however, I must admit, my heart danced with glee when I began reading the response UK artist and Loose Woman panellist; Jamelia had penned to Piers.

Whatever Piers!

She clearly and concisely put that bitch back in his box and it was great!

For him to acknowledge her piece by simply tweeting; Noted was enough for me to know that even pig headed Piers knows when to step away from a battle not worth having.

As a result, in a funny kind of way, my dislike for him waned a little (just a little) – he fell ALL THE WAY BACK and with that, to coin a Birdman phrase, I was forced to put some RESPECK on his name!!

Anyway, if you haven’t already had the pleasure/displeasure (however you want to look at it) of reading Pier’s article in its entirety, feel free to click the link below to be redirected.

I have also included Jamelia’s response too…


Read Piers Morgan’s article in the Daily Mail

Read Jamelia’s response to Piers’ article



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