Will.i.am unveils PULS

It’s taken approximately 2 years to bring his idea to life, but Will.i.am has done it…

He has finally launched PULS a smartwatch which comes with a SIM and is designed to make calls without being connected to a smart phone.

Pretty neat hey?

Will.i.am unveils PULS

Will unveiled his 16GB Android device at the Salesforce.com Dreamforce event in San Francisco.

The nifty gadget has 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as GPS for maps plus, featured apps including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The smartwatch also comes with a voice-controlled assistant much like Siri for Apple.

Will.i.am unveils PULS

Will.i.am is quoted to have said; PULS represents my passion for and my mission to marry design and advanced technology – to create a new breed of wearable device that leapfrogs what is currently on the market.

Another cool feature is; the PULS can detect the emotion of the wearer and thus is able to share ‘vibes’ with other users via an app, aptly named; Vibe!

Music can also be stored in the PULS and having teamed up with British music company; 7digital, users are able to stream on the device too.

Will.i.am unveils PULS

The price of the PULS is yet to be revealed but what we do know is, the device will require its own data plan and here in the UK, it is thought O2 will be the service provider, whilst AT&T will be the equivalent, stateside.

Oh and Will has also hinted that the smartwatch will be more affordable than a smartphone.

Christmas list anyone?

Check out Will running through his new baby:

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