Four more reasons to love Rihanna!

Do we really need any more reasons to absolutely adore Rihanna?

Just in case you do, here’s 4 more!

Not even a month after debuting her Fenty x Puma collection which included a range of trainers that have already practically sold out in shops, RiRi has only gone and debuted a brand new limited edition shoe collection with designer Manolo Blahnik and truuuuuust me when I say, this collection is FIYYAAAAH!

The new collection is called; Denim Desserts and include a sandal, an open back and 2 boots – one ankle boot and one show stopping thigh high pair complete with a belt!!!

Check the range out below:

Four more reasons to love Rihanna!

9 to 5

Four more reasons to love Rihanna!


Four more reasons to love Rihanna!

Dancehall Cowgirl

Four more reasons to love Rihanna!

Sea Salts

I loooooove the 9 to 5 (as I’m sure most do) – the thigh highness and the crystal trim, definitely score highly in my opinion but in terms of practically, I’m not so sure.
I’d love them in my collection though….

Rihanna also appears in the latest issue of British Vogue where she discusses her latest fashion move.

She openly admits that she would chase down the first person she saw wearing the 9 to 5 boots and demand a selfie with them!

The Denim Desserts range will cost between £541 and £2458 and will be available in the London, New York and Hong Kong stores from 5th May – so, if you’re hell bent on copping a pair, get that Visa card primed and ready!!!

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