The RINSE live, episode 1 – Monday 2nd June, 9pm!

This MONDAY 2nd June – join us for The RINSE live right here >>

The RINSE Live is a weekly interactive forum hosted by Sherryl Blu along with a fantastic panel of individuals just ready to tuck into some juicy entertainment based topics.

ep 1

This week’s line up looks like this:

Sherryl Blu


Presenter, host, journo-blogger, all round try-a-tinger!



Dr Psycho


DJ, presenter, journalist, graphic designer!



Miranda Loy


Radio broadcaster, presenter, make up artist, DJ!



Miss La La


Event organiser, blogger, social commentator, gym enthusiast!



Big Bad

Big Bad

Join us and feel free to interact via Twitter at @theRinseOnline or using the hashtag: #TheRINSElive

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Look forward to seeing you and remember;
Don’t get mad, it’s only an opinion!

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