The Curvy Movement | The Rinse Talk Show | Tuesday 15th September 7-10pm UK


#TheRinseTalkShow | The Curvy Movement Ep. 11 | Tuesday 15th September 2015 by Sherrylsworld on Mixcloud



This week on the Rinse Talk Show, I will be discussing the curvy movement and how different shaped/sized women are now more comfortable in their skin as a result.

I will also be looking at whether there is a thin line between empowerment and overlooking health risks.

Joining me to tuck in to this juicy topic, I have;

Plus sized model, writer & presenter; Nena Ubani


The Curvy Movement  | The Rinse Talk Show |Tuesday 15th September 7-10pm UK

Join us on the show; Tuesday 15th September between 7-10pm for another great discussion!


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